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  1. Carol Penner

    Hi Laura! I have been reading your blog and am so sorry about the injury and the big decision. Such a hard decision, but better to take care of your body. I should know because you helped so much to take care of my body. Your story brought me back to the big Europe trip my friend and I planned for a year when we were in our early 20’s…the week before the trip my mom had a nervous breakdown, and I had to fly home to a different province to take care of her. It was so hard to do that…to leave my friend and all our plans…but what else could i do, someone needed to take care of her. Life certainly does throw curveballs. I am so glad to hear that Plan B doesn’t mean that Plan A can never happen, it may just be a timing issue.
    You will be surprised to hear that I am moving to Edmonton! My husband has been unemployed, and he found a job in Edmonton, so we have decided to move there. A year ago if you told me I would be living in Edmonton, I would have laughed! But now, here we go. He is leaving in a few weeks, and I am leaving at Christmas. I’m telling you this in case your travels take you to the West, it would be great to have you drop in! Best wishes on your continuing adventures apart and together. Carol Penner

    July 6, 2013 at 1:37 am

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