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Faithful Faith

G’day I’m Faith.  
I’m the mother(ship), the means of transport and the girls way of getting from Point A to Point B, and everywhere in between,.. and trust me.. there will be a lot that they will ‘add’ which isn’t on the main route (or their original itinerary). 
Laura gave me a new lease of life when she brought me just before her and Nean did their first road trip across the States.  I never told Laura, but then I was just warming in anticipation of something big to come.  
Before Laura I was a city car.. stuck in city life taking mundane routes and just itching to stretch out my wheels and get them on the open road.  
When I first heard her voice, I knew that accent was Aussie so I shone my best side, made my motor purr and made sure that she chose me.. With an Aussie behind my wheel I knew I’d be in for some excitement and a life long adventure.. boy was I right!!
She packed her life’s belongings into me..and added a cargo carrier to-boot (I thought my back was going to break), but I sucked it up and pulled away from that curb and never looked back. Laurs, Nean and I were on a ROAD TRIP…whoo hoo.
Now every car needs a name, I was tossing up what mine should be.  After all I’d decided with a new outlook on life, I also needed a new name!.  I was thinking something that reflected my new found freedom like Frances or Franny (after all now I was a free woman), but we weren’t even an hour out of the city and hadn’t even hit the ‘Cowboy Trail’ and Laura patted me on the dash and said ‘she’ll be right, Ole Faithful will get us there’, and it’s stuck ever since. 
Yes I could deal with Faith.  It meant that I would be reliable. Someone they could depend on and even more so, she had faith in me!!  Yippee.. She’d keep me if I proved myself!!
Yep.. Faith it would be.
I’m sure that this adventure is going to be as crazy and just awesome as the original road trip (as long as they don’t trade me in for Segway’s along the way!!!) and I’m just happy to be apart of their journey too.. it’s going to be a blast so make sure that you jump on board.. .I can handle carrying a few extra’s along the way.

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  1. I had the true pleasure of roadtripping it in this car to Boston and boy was it an awesome few days I will never forget! Safe travelling…I only wish I could escape on such an adventure!

    November 1, 2012 at 2:19 am

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