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We’re Pinning!!

Our Pinterest Home Page

How do you remember everything that you read on the net?  You don’t.. you PINTEREST it!

With so many countries to visit and an unlimited potential of sights, accommodation, places and things to do it would take a miracle for the two of us to remember everything AND there is no way that we want to carry a filing cabinet of information with us on the road……………………..

Enter Pinterest.

Pinterest is an online pin board, meaning that anything you read or see online or that you are able to save electronically can be ‘Pinned’ to your Pinterest profile (this means websites, scanned documents, photographs, etc) and  accessed from your Pinterest site where ever you are in the world (as long as you have access to the internet).

To enable you to ‘file’ information for easy recall, Pinterest provides its members with the ability to create numerous virtual boards with the idea of pinning like information with like information on a specific board.  In our case, we have started with establishing boards for each of the countries that we intend on visiting on our road trip and will continue to add boards as we see fit., both before and whilst we are on the road.

A sneak peek at some of the boards on our page.

While most boards are public and people are able to ‘follow’ your pins, Pinterest has recently introduced ‘secret boards’.  These are boards that are private and cannot be accessed by the general public, only members that you have approved for viewing.

For more information on Pinterest or to set up your own Pinterest account, check out their About Page here

Be sure to check out or Pinterest Page at http://pinterest.com/frolicinfreedom/ or if you are already a Pinterest user, make sure you follow us by clicking the ‘Follow Us’ Button on our Pinterest home page.


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